Kitchen/dining room transformation – Scotstoun

Eilidh Rooney admits she was nervous about having builders in her house but her mind was put at rest by the professionalism of West Renovations.

The family chose to move out while the work was being done and Eilidh says she had to resist the temptation to text a neighbour on the first day to find out what was going on.

She did not have to wait long to find out, however, as MD Simon Dale sent her a detailed message keeping her up to date with how the work was progressing.

“That was unprompted but we found that Simon kept us informed all through the work,” said Eilidh. “We were very impressed with their professionalism and perfectionism and attention to detail. In fact, at one point Simon was not too happy with the varnish on a worktop and put another coat on it even though I had not noticed anything.”

The renovation work has transformed life for the family, including baby Owen as the open plan design means he can play with his toys in the dining area if his mum is working in the kitchen. Previously the dining room was completely separate with two doors out to a narrow, dark corridor that led to a tiny, cramped kitchen next to a small utility room.

With only an opaque window in the utility room, the rear of the house was dark and gloomy – so much so that the family lived mostly in the front room.

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In order to let in more light and create more space, it was agreed an open plan design would work best so the wall dividing the dining room from the utility room has been knocked down to let in light from the garden. A couple of veluxes have also been installed to create more light and as the small, dark corridor to the kitchen was no longer needed it has been used to create a downstairs toilet.

Beautiful units from Mereway’s Town and Country range – which offers 26 colours and more styles and sizes than any other kitchen range – have been installed in the kitchen and former utility room giving a stylish look that suits the house well.


Eilidh says she is delighted with the transformation.

“We didn’t use the dining from much before as it was so dark,” she explained. “We just lived in the front room. This lovely big space is great for Owen now that he is crawling around.”

The family are also enjoying a lot more storage with the new units which also cleverly conceal the washing machine and boiler.

“Before we had only one drawer in the entire kitchen now where as now we have lots of storage. It’s lovely and a lot lighter,” said Eilidh.

“We’re very pleased with the work. It was a very professional job and there was always good communication.  We were also given a lot of input on the design from Simon. The dining room was dingy before and it is so much nicer having this whole space. One of the things that is so lovely about it is I can be in the kitchen and Owen can just play around and follow me about now.”


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